Clean Water Impact

Together with our sister organization, Three Avocados Coffee, Three Avocados Charitable Giving has helped to bring clean drinking water to over 70,000 people in Africa, South America, and Asia.

Since 2010, the two organizations have worked together to fund over 20 projects in 7 countries that have provided clean drinking water to an estimated 70,000+ people.

These projects range from Sawyer filters, which are economical home filters for families, to large scale borehole (well) drilling operations. Sawyer filters work well in areas where a source of water exists nearby, however, the nearby water source is not potable. However, in dry, arid areas, a source of water is often not available and a deep borehole is required.

Each project that Three Avocados Charitable Giving helps to fund includes a component of WaSH training. WaSH stands for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. This training ensures that local communities are educated on the benefits of proper sanitation, including hand washing and latrines.

Three Avocados Charitable Giving also ensures that each community has some stake in the project. Clean water initiatives have proven far more successful when the community has a vested interest in the project. This may be some contribution towards the initial project cost, or the creation of a local water committee, which charges a small fee for water access, to be used for maintenance.

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